Yullen Celebration Weeks 2011
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Preparations for this year's Yullen Week have started! <3
I would like to encourage all the fans out there to participate in the event.


June 6th - July 10th: open discussion
July 17th - 24th: themes poll
August 1st - December 17th: begin working on the submissions
December 18th: event starts
December 31st: event ends

Miyavi -What's My Name?- Tour; 2011-04-10 Gdańsk
allen grins :D &lt;3
Miyavi's first concert in Poland ever was just yesterday! I've attened to it together with Olga, a college friend of mine. :)

Nevermind the fact that the trip to Gdańsk took almost 9 hours by train - at least there weren't that many people and we could get some decent sleep. After arrival, we met up with Mif (another of my friends) before the concert, we had some delicious chocolate cake :D and sushi and walked around town a bit. It was really fun.

We had a bit of a problem in finding the place where the concert was supposed to take place when it came down to it, but in the end we managed to get there on time. The building seemed kind of... run-down from the outside, which freaked us out a bit at first, but then we learned that it was pretty decent on the inside.

The concert itself was awesome, I actually didn't think I'd enjoy it this much. :)
Together with Olga's powers combined, we managed to get to the third row of the crowd, so we were really close to the scene.
Miyavi had a totally different image than I imagined he'd have (not that it's a bad thing). There was fanservice, with Meev pulling his shirt up in random moments or him rolling around the floor with his guitar while playing. xD But, of course, the most important thing was the music - you could feel the power and the magic of the moment, and the song I waited for the most (Gravity) was a real blast. The crowd went crazy, and even Miyavi was surprised that we knew lyrics of his songs, despite it being - as he named it - "weird japanese music". :)

What I was the most surprised about, however, was the fact that whenever Miyavi said anything to us in english, I could understand him without a problem (what's with all the engrish in his songs, I'm seriously clueless). That, and the fact that he can actually sing better live than he sounds in most of his recordings.

I hope he'll visit Poland during his next tour as well. Definitely want a repeat. :D

Writer's Block: Snacks, don't fail me now
allen grins :D &lt;3
When you're feeling down, what comfort foods do you enjoy?

Chocolate cake! :D

Yup, it does wonders for me. Whenever I'm feeling down, I get to eat a piece of chocolate cake, and the world's suddenly a better place again. Oh, sugar rush, best anti-depressant ever. xD

On a side note, since I finally have some free time, I'm working on chapter 22 of Gone Forever (the game comes next, since I didn't take any drawing stuff home with me). Because of how the previous chapter ended, I want to post it as fast as possible. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish it in a few days, so you can look forward to it. (:

Oh, and I've bought myself DGM Vol.20 yesterday (I hate you, Germany, seriously, I hate you, why must you get all the good stuff so soon... xD) It's the one with Kanda and Allen on the cover, and it's so pretty... *A*
I also held in my own two hands the Noche artbook on the convention which was held in Wroclaw this past weekend, but I didn't have the money to buy it. ; - ; Cruel, oh, cruel world.

Hoshino, why must you draw such awesome stuff. xD

D.Gray-man manga chapter 202 impressions [SPOILERS]
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To my biggest surprise, it wasn't as depressing as I expected it to be. And really?

This is the most epic scene in this whole chapter - hands down. I just can't stop laughing every time I see it. xD


Drabble-Matic // Epic Yullen Story
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My flatmate hosio showed me this site today (http://prillalar.com/drabbles/) where you insert some random words and it generates you an instant drabble. So I tried it out. With Kanda and Allen. And it got me this...


A Passionate Day To Kiss

Kanda stepped slowly out into the piercing sunshine, and admired Allen's neck. "Ah," he sighed, "That's a shy sight."

Allen climbed off the Timcanpy and walked quickly across the grass to greet his lover. Kanda patted Allen on the leg and then tried to kiss him hesitantly, but without success.

"That's all right," Allen said. "We can try again later."

"I'm just not hesitant," Kanda. "Not as hesitant as the time we kissed on the bed."

Allen nodded passionately. "We were fluffy back in those days."

"Our cheeks were younger, and we had a lot more fun with them," Kanda said. "Everything seems trembling and manly when you're young."

"Of course," Allen said. "But now we're strong, we can still have fun. If we go about it weakly."

"Weakly?" Kanda said. "But how?"

"With this," Allen said and held out a fragile Mugen. "Just take that with some water and in half an hour, you'll be ready to kiss."

Kanda swallowed the Mugen at once and sure enough, in half an hour, they were able to kiss weakly. They kissed like a pretty woman in distress. Three times.

And then the neighbour told them to get off his lawn.


Allen's leg, the fluffy thing and the woman in distress thing killed me. xDD

Generate your own and show me what you got so we can lol together? xD

D.Gray-man manga chapter 199 impressions [SPOILERS]
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I needed to sleep over a few nights after reading this one, thus the late post. And since most of you guys from the fandom out there already made their own posts in regards to this crazy chapter, I'll skip the overall overview of what actually happened and get straight down to business.

Am I the only one who while reading the newest chapter felt as if they were reading a fanfic? Because I seriously did.

Follow the rambling and theories...Collapse )

Fanart - kiss on the back (+ some crack)
allen grins :D &lt;3
I saw the sexy kiss meme on DA and... that's the immediate idea I got for the "kiss on the back". I just couldn't help myself. xD

And also, the moment I showed this to one of my friends (who isn't even into Yullen), he said that my pic is flawed and that he'll fix it for me.

So he did...Collapse )
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Some interesting/funny facts about Kanda and Allen
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I found this on the 'TV Tropes' site and wanted to share. :D

Beware of SPOILERS, of course.


- Badass: As Lavi once commented "He's too manly!"

- Berserk Button: Calling him by his first name, Yu, is not the best of ideas.

- Ensemble Darkhorse

- Estrogen Brigade Bait: The biggest one after Allen. And the manga is suggesting that there's a good reason why he's such a jerk, which is likely to make him even more fangirl-tastic.

- Freudian Excuse: Let's just say he had a nasty childhood and leave it at that.

- Hates Being Touched

- I Was Just Passing Through: Despite saying he won't save his teammates if they get themselves into trouble, he often does. Then denies he was helping them.

- Jerkass
* Jerkass Dissonance
* ...And may be wandering into Jerkass Woobie territory now.

- Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk

- Long Haired Pretty Boy

- Perpetual Frowner: 189 chapters and he wasn't seen cheerful even once. The only times he's ever even smirked have been during battle, and he doesn't exactly look friendly then. What's weirder he doesn't show any signs of Wangst (and is in fact annoyed by people who do). He just seems to be always angry.
* To exemplify it, he's probably the only person in the entire order who gets annoyed by Lenalee's company. And she's probably the closest he has to childhood friend since they both were living in order since they were kids.
* And then, there's Alma...

- Silly Rabbit Idealism Is For Kids: He thinks Allen is much too naive, and doesn't hesitate to tell him this.

- Slip Knot Ponytail: Almost all of Kanda's battles so far have had his hair fall out of his ponytail, though the most notable is his fight against Skinn. Others include when he was injured by the level 2 akuma during the Ghost of Martel Arc and when the Earl leveled Edo.
* And when Bookman stole his hair tie, he fought his way through the entire order to find out who took it.

- The Stoic: His emotional range appears to go from "apathetic" to "pissed off."

- Tall Dark And Snarky: Minus the charisma and Instant Fan Club, even the one minor character who initially fangirls him is annoyed by his attitude.

Onwards with Allen!Collapse )

Yullen Visual Novel Game - Announcement
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Some of you might know that a while back eren10 made a mini Yullen game, Late Beginnings, which she posted on her journal [here]. Personally I liked the game a lot, and it only reminded me of the fact that I'd love to do such a thing of my own (I wanted to try ever since I've played Akane's DNd.Poisoned Mello/Near game). There was only one problem - I was too lazy to learn how to program a visual novel game.

And so, I asked Eren if she'd like to work on a bigger project this time, and that I'd take care of the graphics, while she'd take care of the programing.
She agreed. :D
And we dragged a1y_puff into the whole mess with us as well. :D

I just wanted to make it official:
starting 6.06.2010, the three of us (eren10, a1y_puff, nayru774) are working on a visual novel Yullen game.

Being realistic, it can take over a year to finish (as Eren warned), but as long as our motivation doesn't drop, I think we can do wonders. :D

If you want to follow the progress, await some info in regards to that shortly.

We hope you'll look forward to it. :)

D.Gray-man manga chapter 196 impressions [SPOILERS]
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I've seen the chinese scanlations along with some forum translations, but it was enough to comprehend most of the content. My first thought was: OMG, so much blood. BLOOD AND GORE EVERYWHERE! And the second: OMG, Kanda... @_@;



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