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D.Gray-man manga chapter 196 impressions [SPOILERS]
halle shh
I've seen the chinese scanlations along with some forum translations, but it was enough to comprehend most of the content. My first thought was: OMG, so much blood. BLOOD AND GORE EVERYWHERE! And the second: OMG, Kanda... @_@;

Kanda's face expression when he notices Allen getting caught and crushed by mutated!Tokusa? If that's not concern then I don't know what it is and hfghbkhf tgrahadh vfja Dear Lord that we managed to live till this day! *fans rejoice*

But the way Kanda got, well, stabbed his insides out attacked by Alma after this made me go all "EEP! @_@;". Alma, you suck! ; - ;

And Allen getting his leg crushed? Owie... >_o;

The only funny thing in the whole chapter was probably the Earl's love confession when Johnny asked him why does he want the 14th to join him when he's tried to kill him before.

"Why...? Because I wish to be with him. I wish to be at the 14th's side."

Everyone's expressions ftw. xD (lol Wisely, you've so seen that coming.) But like somebody mentioned: has Allen become caught up in an awkward love affair? xDD (lol, but seriously, wtf?!)

Fou appeared, yay! And she's SUCH help. *sarcasm sarcasm* Still, it's nice to see her, and she did help Allen somewhat.

Also - GOOO, ZHU, GOOOOOOO! And your weird... spermatozoon-whale-water-thing... Yeah... BUT IT HEALED ALLEN'S LEG SO W00T! \o/

Kanda lost an arm, but he made it start growing back again. Everything would be cool if his lifespan wasn't kind if... running out. And his hair, omg, his hair...

@_@; Is that... grey? Will that stay so? D: Yeah Kanda, that's the end of calling Allen 'old man' for you.

And the last page?

Kanda will fucking eat him alive for this, I swear. And I won't blame him - hell, even I would be pissed. Allen, we know you want to save friggin EVERYONE, but... THIS EXCEEDS THE BORDERS OF STUPIDITY.


Seriously though, I wonder if Allen will really manage to save Alma somehow? And if he does, would that mean that Alma would return to being an Exorcist? How would their relations look from that point on?

*wants to read the next chapter already* >w

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I'm totally speechless when I saw the last bit. *headdesk* And the grey comment. (although Kanda with this hair keeps reminding me of Kamui Gakupo...)

I almost re-read the whole series everytime when new chapter comes out now, just so I can remember what the hell is going on (and calm down). XD

I'm so psyched to read this chapter now! XD

Half of me wants Allen to save Alma (if Kanda kun's best friend returns then we can hear all the juicy blackmail he knows about Kanda's childhood Fufufu <3) and the other half of me is yelling 'Let him die. Yullen comes first!'

But Kanda's new hair, all styled and blowing in the wind, is very smexy. =3

**tries to touch it and gets killed by Mugen**

LOL I so enjoy the Kanda's-hair-gone-wild moments XDD

and About the Ear's confessions, well I've posted a rant about my brian being broken on my journal XDDD

In the translation I read, someone called his hair purple.

Yeah, I've seen that translation, too.
What worries me more is the last chapter, though - because Kanda doesn't even have a raster shade on his hair there anymore (like he did here). Does that mean that his hair went totally white? @_@

=^O.O^= Oh dear. Maybe it's just the lighting? Though, he was in the middle of regenerating, & remember? Alma's hair was white when he was initially regenerating, too.

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