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Some interesting/funny facts about Kanda and Allen
halle shh
I found this on the 'TV Tropes' site and wanted to share. :D

Beware of SPOILERS, of course.


- Badass: As Lavi once commented "He's too manly!"

- Berserk Button: Calling him by his first name, Yu, is not the best of ideas.

- Ensemble Darkhorse

- Estrogen Brigade Bait: The biggest one after Allen. And the manga is suggesting that there's a good reason why he's such a jerk, which is likely to make him even more fangirl-tastic.

- Freudian Excuse: Let's just say he had a nasty childhood and leave it at that.

- Hates Being Touched

- I Was Just Passing Through: Despite saying he won't save his teammates if they get themselves into trouble, he often does. Then denies he was helping them.

- Jerkass
* Jerkass Dissonance
* ...And may be wandering into Jerkass Woobie territory now.

- Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk

- Long Haired Pretty Boy

- Perpetual Frowner: 189 chapters and he wasn't seen cheerful even once. The only times he's ever even smirked have been during battle, and he doesn't exactly look friendly then. What's weirder he doesn't show any signs of Wangst (and is in fact annoyed by people who do). He just seems to be always angry.
* To exemplify it, he's probably the only person in the entire order who gets annoyed by Lenalee's company. And she's probably the closest he has to childhood friend since they both were living in order since they were kids.
* And then, there's Alma...

- Silly Rabbit Idealism Is For Kids: He thinks Allen is much too naive, and doesn't hesitate to tell him this.

- Slip Knot Ponytail: Almost all of Kanda's battles so far have had his hair fall out of his ponytail, though the most notable is his fight against Skinn. Others include when he was injured by the level 2 akuma during the Ghost of Martel Arc and when the Earl leveled Edo.
* And when Bookman stole his hair tie, he fought his way through the entire order to find out who took it.

- The Stoic: His emotional range appears to go from "apathetic" to "pissed off."

- Tall Dark And Snarky: Minus the charisma and Instant Fan Club, even the one minor character who initially fangirls him is annoyed by his attitude.


- Art Evolution: His appearance has changed a lot over the course of the series, particularly in his evolution from Cute Shotaro Boy to bishonen. Behold.

- Badass: Anyone who can shout the name 'Crowned Clown' with very little Narm counts.

- Badass Adorable

- Bandage Babe Bandage Bishonen: His very effeminate figure in these scanty bandages have caused Stupid Sexy Flanders moments everywhere.

- Berserk Button: Mentioning General Cross' debt is a bad idea, as is calling him 'Beansprout'. The second mostly applies to Kanda, though.

- Big Eater: Eating a gigantic pile of food the size of an elephant within the span of one day? Good thing innocence burns so many calories that he manages to keep his body rail thin.
* It's because his Innocence is Parasite Type and burns so many calories that he has to eat so much, isn't it?

- Bishie Sparkle: He can actually exude bishie sparkles at will to manipulate people and get what he wants. Most notably with Komurin (which is even more amazing, considering that it's a male robot).

- Bishonen: He can actually be prettier than a lot of girls in the series.

- Butt Monkey: Poor kid REALLY can't catch a break.

- Cant Hold His Liquor: In the "Kuro no Bansankai" Special Drama CD, Allen shows his behavior when he gets drunk. He becomes very vicious and destructive, and causes massive property damage that he can't even remember doing.

- Celibate Hero: In an omake "interview" with him, he claims to be this, saying that he has no time for such things.

- Chick Magnet: Little Miss Badass Road is smitten with Allen, which is awkward when you consider she's a Noah who once stabbed him in the eye For The Evulz. Rohfa also adores him. For is implied to have a bit of a crush on him. And then there's Lenalee...
* Even The Guys Want Him: ...and Komurin III, Tyki Mikk, maybe Lavi, as well as Jeryy.
* And now, as of Chapter 189, it seems as though Tevak may have developed a crush on him, if that little blush means anything...

- Cursed With Awesome: Literally. Mana's pentacle curse makes Allen the only Exorcist who can see akuma through their human disguises.

- Estrogen Brigade Bait: The response of many female readers: "Awwwwww.... so cuuuuute... I'm taking him home with me!!!!"

- Eye Scream: Besides the way he acquired the curse and accompanying scars on his eye, there's also the time when Road was... having fun... and stabbed him in the eye with a candle.

- Fetish Fuel Station Attendant: An extremely rare male example. Moe, Cute Shotaro Boy who turns into a Badass Adorable Bishonen, Nice Guy, Iron Woobie, cool scars, looks amazing in uniform, White Haired Pretty Boy, Badass Longcoat, occasionally shirtless and/or wrapped up in bandages, and has a Super Powered Evil Side for the Evil Is Sexy factor. No wonder fangirls love him.

- Good Looking Privates: Let's face it: Allen looks gorgeous in uniform. His third, newer uniform fits well, since it's the most military-like.

- Good Scars Evil Scars: He has a scar through his left eye, which is part of the curse that allows him to see Akuma. And as of recently, he received a bunch of huge, deep scars across his entire chest from impaling himself with his own Akuma-purifying sword, which he thought shouldn't hurt him... except for the unfortunate fact that he's actually a Noah.

- Iron Woobie: Why yes, that wide-eyed smiling boy was abandoned by his parents, raised in an abusive circus, watched the only good foster father he's had die, was cursed by said father after some asshole in a top hat tricked him into bringing him back and then was forced to kill him personally, was then taken in by the biggest asshole known to man who stuck him with all his debts, has at least once watched close friends die because of aforementioned asshole in a top hat, is constantly stuck with the missions that always carry heavy emotional baggage, was betrayed by the organization he works for, and then found out his foster father was crazy and may have never actually loved him, but the soul of the evil 14th Noah that was sealed inside him. Isn't it obvious?

- Launcher Of A Thousand Ships: Paired with pretty much everyone and anyone by the fandom. Unfortunately for him</u>, he almost never tops.

- Magic Pants: It doesn't matter if he turns his arm into a massive claw, a cannon, or a BFS; his sleeve is always intact. Lampshaded in a Fourth Wall Mail Slot interview; when someone asked what happened to it, he replied:
"I have no idea. I'm just glad it doesn't rip."

- Memetic Sex God: Everyone wants to kidnap him and make him their pet. No exceptions.

- Moe: Among fandom, he's commonly described as "cute" and "very huggable." Also, being a wide-eyed Cute Shotaro Boy helps.

- No Sense Of Direction

- Parental Abandonment: Abandoned by his parents, his adoptive father died, and his Trickster Mentor is a complete bastard who he's usually very, very happy to avoid.

- Slasher Smile: Technically, it's the 14th.

- Sleep Cute: What he does with Lenalee here. Cue fangirls Squeeing.

- Stepford Smiler: Some interpretations of his character. Allen tends to smile and throw out optimistic and enthusiastic support at the drop of a hat when around his friends, but whenever he's alone he tends to be either beating himself up, wallowing in some deserved self-pity, or worrying about his entire freaking existence.

- Through His Stomach: The way to Allen's heart. In one instance, Miranda is unable to think of any way to cheer him up, only to offer him candy. He right away becomes ridiculously happy. Rohfa evidently caught on to this, as she apparently is trying to court him by bribing him with huge boxes of Mitarashi Dango. It does make him very happy, but apparently he's ignoring all the romantic implications suggested.
* In a little "interview" with Allen in an omake, he pretty much directly lampshades this, pondering that perhaps the only way that he would fall for a girl is if she cooked yummy food for him every day. Of course, he said it jokingly, and right afterwards, he claims he's a Celibate Hero who doesn't have time for romance.

- Ukefication: This frequently happens to him in fanfiction, when some writers focus on his Moe and Cute Shotaro Boy appearance and forget his actual personality.

- Unstoppable Rage: Let's just say Allen is NOT happy to see Lala and Guzol get stabbed to death by a level 2 akuma. Allen is so mad that it causes his anti-akuma weapon to upgrade, which he uses (along with some help from Kanda) to turn said akuma to dust.

- You Can Barely Stand: He's been known to fight even when he can't stand, using his innocence to force his unconscious body to move.

(here's the whole thing:

My absolute favourites are Kanda's Perpetual Frowner and Allen's Chick Magnet. The thing with Tevak made me LOL. :D

What are your favourites? :D

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