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Fanart - kiss on the back (+ some crack)
allen grins :D <3
I saw the sexy kiss meme on DA and... that's the immediate idea I got for the "kiss on the back". I just couldn't help myself. xD

And also, the moment I showed this to one of my friends (who isn't even into Yullen), he said that my pic is flawed and that he'll fix it for me.

So he did...

I thought I was going to wake up my mother in the middle of the night because I couldn't stop laughing so hard... xDDDD
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so sexy, that kiss! but your friend's version.... XDDDDDDDDDDD

Glad you like~ ...And yeah, it wins the internet, doesn't it? xDDDD

I really love the picture you drew ♥ So sweet!
And that caption your friend put on... haha! Maybe I'm a little immature, but.. I'm totally giggling right now.. xD

Thank you, I'm glad you like it~
Haha, then maybe we're both immature, because I kept laughing for half of the night because of it. xDD

Hehe~. I love this. Awesome job~!


and loooool your friend's version *rofl*

Yeah, I died the moment I saw it, too. xDD

Dawww, Allen! This is adorable! ♥

Also, that edit cracks me up! XD

Glad you like it! Haha, yeah, I kept laughing for half of the night because of it. xDD

And you-- you! *has been meaning to ask this since she can remember* What have you done with your Cold Comfort fic, huh?! xD *wanted to re-read it and couldn't find it anymore* It was one of my favourite Yullen fics of all time! >w

Oh, I revised it a little, weeded out some errors, and reposted it here. :3

Yeah, Kanda's face fits the "fuck my ass?". XDDDD

Oh, oh~ THANK YOU! *in a happy fangirl now* :D

It totally does, doesn't it? xDDD

Ten drugi pic wyświetlił mi się jako pierwszy, myślałam, że to oryginał XDD Jakie to słodkieeee, mina Kandy rozbraja. ♥

... Your friend's a genius I say, a genius.

I carried your words over to him and he said:
"I bless thy friend with epicness, may his life be full of it."

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