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D.Gray-man manga chapter 199 impressions [SPOILERS]
yullen side by side
I needed to sleep over a few nights after reading this one, thus the late post. And since most of you guys from the fandom out there already made their own posts in regards to this crazy chapter, I'll skip the overall overview of what actually happened and get straight down to business.

Am I the only one who while reading the newest chapter felt as if they were reading a fanfic? Because I seriously did.

The panel with the sight of Kanda crumbling to pieces... made my heart ache, seriously, and for a moment there I thought that this was really it. It was like the thing I feared the most ever since this messed up arc started was coming true. *trauma trauma* Thankfully, it seems that Kanda's regenerative abilities are still enough to keep him going - for how long, we don't know. But-- I'll still get back to this later.

What intrigued me first was the fact why Allen turned Noah for a brief moment after the explosion.
The first time it happened, Allen stabbed himself with his sword.
The second time it happened, it was because of Mugen.
From those two cases, one could conclude that the 14th's awakenings were triggered by coming in contact with Innocence.

But the third time came from an explosion caused by an Akuma (hi thar Alma).

Now, does this mean that the 14th simply takes over Allen whenever he's physically weak/spent (and Allen manages to suppress him somehow for now)?
Or was it that the 14th was indeed affected by the Innocence alone, only that things have changed now, after he managed to 'awaken' for good for the first time in the previous chapter (courtesy of aparticular Kanda Yuu)?
Or... could it be that the 14th actually lent Allen his powers for the boy to get out of that explosion in one piece?

Whatever the case, we'll probably find out eventually.

In regards to Kanda and Alma... Well...

After re-reading the whole chapter a few times more, I can conclude that Alma already died. It happened the moment before he and Kanda disappeared through the gate, and both Kanda (omg the tears) and Allen noticed it. But like Ignis pointed out to me earlier - Allen said "goodbye" to Alma alone. This leaves us with the fact that--

Allen didn't say "goodbye" to Kanda. Meaning that Allen was convinced that Kanda would survive this. Meaning that Kanda's still alive.

What's more - Kanda left his Mugen behind. With Allen.

Okay, so Kanda said that he wanted to run away from the Church, where there's no Innocence and no war. Together with Alma. I myself find it a bit unlikely, but the inner Yullen fangirl in me is evil and she's making up theories of her own. The question is, whether Kanda actually meant what he said or not.

Before anyone starts to flame, let's look back at what Allen said - that he believes that Kanda is the only one who can save Alma. By "save" did he mean save Alma's soul? Because if he did, then Allen probably knew that Alma would disappear any minute now (and also, the Earl mentioned he would once the dark matter went loose). Could it be that Allen wanted for Kanda to understand this as well by saying what he did? Could it be that Kanda caught on to this and once he did, he thanked Allen for it?

Could it be that Kanda told Alma what Alma wanted to hear in order to "save" him?

When you look on Kanda's shocked and teary face before he disappears into the gate, it seems far from likely. Then again, maybe there's a bit of truth in both cases, who knows. Maybe Kanda really did mean what he said. But since Alma's gone now... Well...

So Kanda finally found the person he was looking for from the beginning of the series. But the moment he realized that he found him, he also lost him (the irony). Meaning that Kanda has fulfilled and lost his reason to live.

If we assume that Kanda would want to die together with Alma now... Well, the problem is, Kanda can't die. And I seriously doubt he would be determined ebough to commit suicide over and over again in order to simply die along with his lover like that.

Okay, so Alma's gone. Kanda has no reason to live anymore. But hey, Walker helped him. And now Allen's apparently making a side of his own (while screwing the Church and the Noah). Finally.

Hey, why not stop being a total prick and actually try to return the favor?

I mean seriously guys, Kanda has to return. He has to come back and retrieve his sword. He has to help Allen win this goddamn war. And so does Cross. He bloody has to.

Or at least that's what I want to believe.

Your thoughts?

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I absolutely loved this chapter! So many great moments between Allen and Kanda (I'm a biased Yullen fangirl as well, haha) and lots of very dramatic scenes. I'm glad you posted the panel of Allen crying over Kanda's body.. That was so sad. ;n; Actually, Allen was totally impressive this chapter; Suppressing the 14th, carrying Alma to Kanda, saving both of them... Anyone else would have been a pathetic mess, but Allen really pulled through.

I do worry about him, though. Will he finally be facing a heresy trial? I mean, that look on Rouvelier's face at the end.. He looks like he wants to strangle Allen.

But I guess we'll have to wait another month for the next chapter.. It was nice to read your theories and such. c: (On a side note; I've been noticing that Yullen fangirls are either devastated by DGM 199, or quite pleased with it. xD)

I'm actually torn between loving and hating this chapter and I still can't decide what feeling tops more (you do have a point with the 'devastated or pleased' Yullen fangirls here, indeed. xD)

Yes, there were some really nice Yullen moments (I mean come on, Kanda called Allen by his name finally!) but on the other hand... Yeah, there's Alma. And there's the disappearance of Kanda which leaves us with a ton of questions unanswered. I guess that my liking of the events will still depend on how the plot will develop further.

And yesss, Allen has grown so much, hasn't he? I'm so proud of him. xD And if he really does make his "third side of the war", I'm going to love him forever (okay, I already do that... but yeah. xD)

Thanks for droping by! *hugs you*

Was it just me, or did Alma sort of give his approval of Allen?

...He totally did, didn't he?
*biased Yullen fangirls are biased xD*

*totally sees ghost!Alma bugging Kanda about "his sweet bean"*

I've been under the impression that I'm reading a DGM doujin. Ehm, an official doujin, if some insist.

And I don't think Kanda will leave forever like that......right? *not so sure anymore*

Oh yes, I felt the same way. xD I mean seriously, how could so many insane things actually happen in canon? xD Hoshino went nuts, I tell you! xD

I don't think he'll disappear just like that, either. Or at least I hope so, more than anything. And I keep convincing myself with the fact that Kanda was the character that the Japanese seemed to like most (he even beat Allen in the voting poll, or so I heard.) Hoshino can't just make him disappear like that.

That said, I wonder if Lavi and Lenalee will return to the scene any time soon.

Also, did anyone else just squee when Kanda used Allen's name? That was such a powerful moment to me; just took my breath away.

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