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Miyavi -What's My Name?- Tour; 2011-04-10 Gdańsk
allen grins :D <3
Miyavi's first concert in Poland ever was just yesterday! I've attened to it together with Olga, a college friend of mine. :)

Nevermind the fact that the trip to Gdańsk took almost 9 hours by train - at least there weren't that many people and we could get some decent sleep. After arrival, we met up with Mif (another of my friends) before the concert, we had some delicious chocolate cake :D and sushi and walked around town a bit. It was really fun.

We had a bit of a problem in finding the place where the concert was supposed to take place when it came down to it, but in the end we managed to get there on time. The building seemed kind of... run-down from the outside, which freaked us out a bit at first, but then we learned that it was pretty decent on the inside.

The concert itself was awesome, I actually didn't think I'd enjoy it this much. :)
Together with Olga's powers combined, we managed to get to the third row of the crowd, so we were really close to the scene.
Miyavi had a totally different image than I imagined he'd have (not that it's a bad thing). There was fanservice, with Meev pulling his shirt up in random moments or him rolling around the floor with his guitar while playing. xD But, of course, the most important thing was the music - you could feel the power and the magic of the moment, and the song I waited for the most (Gravity) was a real blast. The crowd went crazy, and even Miyavi was surprised that we knew lyrics of his songs, despite it being - as he named it - "weird japanese music". :)

What I was the most surprised about, however, was the fact that whenever Miyavi said anything to us in english, I could understand him without a problem (what's with all the engrish in his songs, I'm seriously clueless). That, and the fact that he can actually sing better live than he sounds in most of his recordings.

I hope he'll visit Poland during his next tour as well. Definitely want a repeat. :D

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