D.Gray-man manga chapter 195
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Fangirling like crazy, brb. xd

D.Gray-man Big Bang Event
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Have you heard?

"Q: What is a big bang?

A: The first big bang challenge originated in the Harry Potter fandom, in which writers and artists came together to work on quality, novella-length fanfiction and accompanying artwork. The challenge has since then been picked up and honored again throughout numerous other fandoms, adapted as necessary, and it has now reached D.Gray-man!

For this particular challenge, writers will write a twenty thousand (20,000) minimum word fic, which will then be later paired up with an artist to illustrate. This will occur over the span of 7 months, so don't panic about the word count! Rough drafts aren't due until December 1! If you start writing in July, that's only 4,000 words a month! 910 words a week! 130 words a day! :3"

I'm sure as hell taking part. 8D

Kanda's memories // looking back to D.Gray-man chapters 186-192
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I feel like ranting today, so please ignore it if you're not interested. The issue just couldn't leave my head for the past few days.

The question is: does Kanda actually remember everything that happened with him and Alma in the past? I looked back to the previous chapters and it doesn't seem that obvious anymore.

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Back to the living + D.Gray-man chapter 192 impressions [SPOILERS]
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Finally, I bring myself to post. *huffs*

I've been kind of dead to the (internet) world for the past two months or so - and I blame it on my college. The session which lasted for two weeks straight at the end of the semester was living hell for me and I wish I wouldn't have to go through that ever again, but I know I still will. Right, who needs sleep nowadays, anyway? Did I mention that I love my studies? xD

*kills her projects with fire*

All that aside, the 192 DGM chapter was realeased a few days ago, and I know all of you managed to share your thoughts in regards to it already, so I'll skip the overview and get down to the details.

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D.Gray-man manga chapter 189 impressions [SPOILERS]
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Yay for Hoshino making Kanda even more ghay than he already is. xD

After finishing work on one of my college projects yesterday at 5:30 a.m. (yeah, who needs sleep, anyway?), I recieved an e-mail from exorcists_order about the appearance of the new chapter. And suddenly, I forgot all about the fact that I was dead-tired. xD

If you want me to be honest, unlike the previous chapter, I simply loved this one to bits.

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D.Gray-man manga chapter 188 impressions [SPOILERS]
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Final Destination ~a Yullen+14th fanmix~
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So, I wanted to post something like this for a longer while now, and I finally got myself to get everything together and do it. It's my very first time doing a fanmix, so please go easy one me, yes? ; - ;

Title: Final Destination
Fandom: D.Gray-man
Subject: Yullen+14th

Notes/Warnings: Well, I said it's Yullen, but the songs I choose concentrate mostly on the struggle between Allen and the 14th (I swear I'm growing more and more fond of that bastard for whatever reason .__.). If you want them to make more sense, I suggest to go through them chronologically. The order isn't random, you could say I was trying to make something akin to a story; starting with Allen an Mana, then concentrating on Yullen, then showing the slow process of the 14th starting to take over Allen, finally succeeding and breaking all hell loose, in the end leaving Kanda on his own. But the last song indicates that Kanda hasn't given up yet, and will keep on fighting till the day he brings Allen back. Yeah, that was deep, I know.

AM I DOIN' IT RITE? .___. Any kind of comments would be much appreciated.

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Sketch dump #1 // NSFW
yullen regret
Just because I've had some busy summer holidays, doesn't mean that I returned home empty-handed. >3
Best regards to all of those who stayed up all these sleepless nights at the conventions and kept me company with creating stuff of their own. ♥

Piccies under the cut. Not heavy, but a couple of them. And one or two might not be completely worksafe, so BE WARNED.

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[Event] - Yullen Week's End - Kanda's Birthday
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I'm skipping the 'Dolls' theme, because I couldn't come up with anything creative in regards to it.

So yes, Happy Birthday, Kanda! ^^

Why are you tied to your own birthday present is beyond me, though. xD But I hope you'll enjoy it, nevertheless? xD

Also, there's a new Yullen69 movie on YouTube for everyone to see: [I Hate Everything About You - Bloopers.]

And so, the Yullen Week comes to an end. I hope you enjoyed the event! ^^

[Event] - Yullen Week - Theme 5: [Night Out]
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Late, but it's here. And it's another short fic this time.

Author: Nayru.
Series: D.Gray-man.
Title: Night Out.
Pairings: Kanda/Allen.
Rating: NC-17.
Warnings: AU, language, some sexual themes (though nothing explict), slight alcohol usage, possible OOC-ness and Kanda being a pervert.

And please, whatever you do, don't take this fic seriously. xD

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